Austin Traffic

27 Sep

The fact that Austin continues to rank 3rd in the country when it comes to traffic congestion is a troubling thought. Only Los Angeles and Washinton D.C. can claim to have worse but having only lived here four years, I have already noticed drastic shifts and increases in traffic from when I first arrived. At the rate we are growing we could end up as the worst if  we don’t manage to reduce the growing pains this city is having.

The obvious answer is to find ways to keep folks from driving, and the best way to implement that idea is by focusing on better transportation. Austin is big enough now, where trains would be a very viable solution. However that still seems like its several decades from coming to fruition and at the moment the best way to decrease traffic congestion would be to promote commuting by bike. Austin is already a very bike friendly town but there are some issues that I think need to be panned out before this can work. I still feel in danger when riding on a bike in many  parts of Austin. Main reason is there just isn’t enough space for cyclists. I think more initiatives that favor creating better bike lanes and bike routes would go a long way in helping decrease traffic in Austin

Austin's traffic continues to be at a stand still.




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