Google’s Solar Energy Investment

30 Sep

Google recently announced that they are investing 75 million dollars in companies that are selling solar rooftop panels. In doing so Google is making solar energy more accessible to the everyday household. It is a brilliant decision on behalf of google as they are simultaneously doing good for the Earth and the economy by promoting clean energy and creating jobs.

Energy that is produced by the sun, is far more efficient and safe in the long term than energy produced by oil, which is far more harmful to the environment, especially when you consider the recent oil spill by BP.  In making this investment, Google is making an investment in the future of Earth, diping their hands into the energy market in an effort to address a situation that the United States government is lagging on, which is to produce clean energy sources. All the money from these solar panels will be paid to the solar power finance company who will then give that money to Google, thus taking out the need for the electric company. Another brilliant solution by Google.

Google is taking initiative when it comes to bettering the world, which I feel is something that more big companies should be doing. The impact that this will make will not be huge at first but it is a step in the right direction and investing in clean energy is something that the government should consider themselves, as it creates jobs and solves the energy crisis all at once.

A field of Solar Energy Panels


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