Siri and Artificial Inteligence

6 Oct

Apple yesterday announced the Iphone 4S and with that announcement came the announcement of a new feature Siri. If you aren’t already familiar with Siri, it is essentially a voice command app that allows you to give your phone a command or ask it a question and it will automatically do what you tell it.

This is intriguing because it seems like this will be the  first step towards regular interaction with Artificial Intelligence. It’s hard to say how well Siri will go over as apple has actually already made this app available on other products prior to the Iphone 4s but this is the first time it hasn’t been limited in what it can do.

Regardless of whether or not it ends up being a bust, it is definitely the beginning of something. It’s safe to assume that in the not too distant future, we will rely on Siri and ask the question as we have so many times before. How did we ever get on with out it?


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