Next season might be last for the Simpson’s

8 Oct

The Simpson's

Are the Simpsons’ finally done having fun in Springfield? That’s the recent internet buzz, as disputes with voice actors over a 45% pay cut may spell the end to the show that holds the title for longest running sitcom ever.

According to Fox executive’s the show is no longer profitable and thus the 23rd season may be the last.

Literally growing up with the Simpsons, this is hard for me to swallow. I can remember watching the simpsons as a young boy with my Dad, always laughing hysterically at Homer Simpson’s dufus antics. The show was a masterpiece in my mind and every character was perfectly crafted.

I hope that the Simpsons do not end, and I find it hard to believe that money could possibly be an issue for this show, seeing as it is still very popular. The Simpsons are an institution, living without them is like losing a good friend.

Unfortunately all good things must end it appears that this will be the case for the beloved Simpsons as well . Or Maybe Not.


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