Tower Heist May be Boycotted by Cinemark

9 Oct

Universal Pictures is planning on releasing the New Eddie Murphy/Ben Stiller film Tower Heist on on Demand for sixty dollars just 21 days after the film’s initial release into theaters.

As a result of Universal’s decision to do so, Cinemark plans to boycott the film from it’s theaters, suggesting that it’s not in it’s best interests to have a running screening of it.

Cinemark Theaters feels that Universal is missing the point by offering Tower Heist  on on-demand so soon after it’s theatrical release. In a recent statement by Cinemark they said that new releases are meant to be exhibited on the modern digital screens that they have access which will enhance awareness of the film and improve downstream distribution.

Cinemark goes on to say that what Universal Pictures plans to do is a disservice to the artists involved in the project, which was concern first voiced in an open letter from the creative community on protecting the movie going experience just earlier this year.

As a big fan of the movie experience, I agree that it’s in the films best interest not having to deal with an at home audience. At the same time though, I for one could never imagine myself spending sixty dollars to watch a film at home, just for the convenience. In my mind that model does not work.

The point is even if they release this film on on demand, I think it very unlikely for it to cut into it’s ticket sales. Sixty dollars is just too much to spend on one movie. For that price, I think I will inconvenience myself and take a ride to the theaters.

so what do you think? Would you spend sixty dollars to see a movie on on demand?



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