Review: John Brooks William Natural Science Center

12 Oct


From the outside it feels inviting. The glimmering lights that shine along it’s perfectly lined pathways lead my way to its immaculate entrance which is just begging for me to take at least a gander inside.

From the outside it feels like entering a museum and as I open the door of the main entrance, I am greeted with fresh air that has the aroma of something that feels so ridiculously clean, that I almost feel dirty walking in.

I look around the first floor and my eyes see green and lots of it. In fact the floor is littered with the color, like grass on a golf course. It’s a very inviting building, with vaulted ceilings in several places and when I whistle out of joy it echoes back at me as if to welcome me cheerily

There is so much to explore. I don’t know where to start. I look up and notice a row of air vents that are circular and for some reason that reminds me of a submarine. As I walk down the long corridors, I peer through the wide open windows that line each classroom as if I am suppose to be watching the students within diligently working on some experiment. I get the sense that I am walking through a series of exhibits. Even the windows, with no humans in it show me something scientific and makes me realize, I am a scientifically illiterate as I can’t even determine what the little colorful boxes with the 2 and the 3’s are symbolizing.

I see lots of bottles with chemical names and several cases displaying various scientific artifacts. It is obvious that this is a place of learning. I feel just smarter being here.

They call this place the John Brooks Williams Natural Sciences center because as you may have guessed he is the gentleman that paid to have this place built. I am glad he did because its my favorite building to walk through on St. Edwards’ campus.


2 Responses to “Review: John Brooks William Natural Science Center”

  1. John Langston (@TexasTechno) October 13, 2011 at 4:00 pm #

    An extraordinary vivid narrative of JBW at St.Edward’s. I can totally visualize this walk through with many senses. Your a natural with narration!

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