Review: Suave Ocean Breeze Shampoo

16 Oct

Barring homelessness it is typical for a person to be hygienic. Assuming of course you conform to societal standards. Part of having good hygiene is shampooing your hair regularly. The problem is most people are looking for that special shampoo that has the ability to transform your hair from…



Bad Hair Day?

To This:

Great Hair Day?

Unfortunately most shampoo’s don’t instantly transform your hair this way, and I am sorry to disappoint you because I didn’t find the answer. However I did find a very suitable replacement that will at the very least save you some money.

Suave Ocean Breeze Shampoo is God’s gift to man, even if it doesn’t make you look like Fabio. It’s one of the few quality shampoo’s on the market for 99 cents and you can’t beat that.

This shampoo gives you the sensation of  being on holiday at the beach, which is nice because you know things are always better on the beach. I even forgot that I was a man for a little while using this product and even for a brief moment thought I  was a merman. Weird I know but true and that’s the point, this Shampoo is magical and will turn a dull day into a breezy day at the beach. You will smile unexpectedly at people because secretly you know that while your on a beach for just 99 cents a day, they are over paying for their fancy shmancy shampoo that does little more than make their hair glisten.

Why pay 10 dollars for expensive shampoo like that when you can spend 99 cents for an entire summer worth of beach days. The option is yours but I know where I’ll be spending my hard-earned dollar this trip to the shampoo aisle.

Rating: No rating is appropriate to express how good this product is.


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