Who Will Win the 2011 World Series?

20 Oct

So we have come to this. The decisive 7 game series that ultimately determines who gets bragging rights in the baseball world. It’s the World Series. The Ranger Vs The Cardinals.

The Rangers are the new beast of the American League. They proved that last year by knocking off the then defending World Champion New York Yankees in route to their first AL pennant in franchise history and now having deja vu as they find themselves making their 2nd consecutive World Series trip. A feat they accomplished with astonishing ease.


This is quite a contrast to the season of their opponent the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals were the team that nobody saw coming and why would you? In Mid August they were in a seemingly insurmountable hole. 10 1/2 games to be exact. In baseball terms that means you essentially need a miracle to get into the playoffs. Their prayers were answered. The Atlanta Braves who led by 8 1/2 games on September 1st experienced an epic collapse while the Cardinals had their best month of the season finishing the season on a scorching 18-8 pace and winning the Wild Card on the final day of the season.

Their reward for their comeback had them facing the World Series favorite Philadelphia Phillies in the opening round of the postseason. That was okay with them. They were just happy to be in that position. They were relaxed as the expectations to win had been lifted. However their will to win was unchanged as they eliminated the Phillies and their trio of nearly unstoppable Aces in 5 games. Next came Milwaukee and their prolific offense. No problem as they eliminated them in 6 games and with that the unthinkable as they found themselves on their way to their 18th World Series in franchise history. That no pressure attitude may have just been the key to their success.

Today as the World Series  starts in St. Louis the Cardinals are once again the underdog. Everyone has picked the Rangers, which is to be expected seeing as they were in this position last year and are even more hungry to win after their bitter defeat at  the hands of the scrappy San Francisco Giants.  As seemingly unstoppable as the Rangers seem right now it does appear that they have one significant flaw. They seem to struggle against NL opponents. They were 9-9 against National League opponents and while that is a 500 winning percentage it’s still not as good in comparison to the way most of the perennial powers of the American League knocked around their National League opponents.

That being said, I put my money on the Cardinals to win the World Series. They have nothing to lose and they have exceeded every expectation thus far. This is just one more hurdle to overcome in their dream of a season. The Cardinals win this in 6. You heard it here first.


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