Instant Reaction: M83-“Midnight City”

25 Oct

Some songs just stick with you. M83’s recent single “Midnight City” accomplishes this by ingraining it’s rhythmic beats into your head. There is no build up to the song it just immediately kicks in utilizing synthesizers to create an atmospheric explosion of pure emotion. Simply put it intrinsically captures you. The sounds are wild and unknown as if the band  trained two birds to harmonize their caws into a steady rhythmic motion which then briefly settles down for the beautiful whispers of lead singer Anthony Gonzales dreamy tale of  a rousing night on the town.

The song is the epitome of beautiful. It has memorable lyrics, danceable rhythms and more 80’s nostalgia than is healthy for a person and just as you think the song has reached it’s peak it climaxes with the most mesmerizing saxophone solo.

\”Midnight City\” takes M83 to new heights. It’s the bands greatest accomplishment yet. I can’t get this song out of my head and you probably won’t be able to either.


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