28 Oct

David Fresse jumped into the arms of his frolicking teammates knowing one thing, tomorrow his team would play one more game and not just any game. A game 7 in the World Series.

After arguably the greatest World Series game ever played the Cardinals and the Rangers will play one more game to determine the Championship. This is the first time the World Series has been played to its max alotted games since 2002, when the Angels and the Giants played  7 games. Game 6 of that World Series was similar to last nights game, because just like the Rangers this year, the Giants of 2002 had a late lead only to lose in a crushing way forcing a game 7.  That being said the Rangers may be in trouble. Recent history suggests that on the biggest stage in baseball, losses like this translate to discouragement which leads to defeat. The last three such instances of this happening in the World Series has ended poorly for the team losing in crushing fashion.

If the Rangers did not already have enough going against them, the last 8 game 7’s have been won by the home team. Essentially the Ranger’s will have an up hill battle if they want to win their first World Series title in franchise history.

However these Rangers are relentless, so it will come as no surprise if tomorrow they come out of the gate roaring. Taking the lead early and perhaps winning one final game on the road. At the same time though, these Cardinals are used to the feeling of being so close to elimination. They faced it on the last day of the regular season. Then again in game 5 of the NLDS against the Phillies and then again in Game 6 of the World Series and now will be faced with it one more time tonight in Game 7.  So it would come as no surprise if the Cardinals stave off elimination one more time. Stealing the World Series and stealing the spotlight of a show they were never suppose to be the star of back in August.


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