Baseball offseason top 5 questions

4 Nov

With the World Series now behind us. It’s time to start thinking about 2012. This years off season should make for lots of interesting discussion. Keeping that in mind over my next several blogs I will pose the top 5 most pressing issues of the off season. Today’s question is:

1) Where will Albert Pujols go?

Never in the history of baseball has a former MVP, who has just won the World Series with their current team voluntarily opted to leave as a free agent and sign elsewhere. Albert Pujols may be the first to do so. It’s not that he doesn’t want to stay with the Cardinals. He does. It’s just that he also wants to be paid like the best player in Baseball.  Alex Rodriguez who was once considered the best player in the game commanded a behemoth 10 year 225 million dollar deal when he initially became a free agent back in 2000. Look for those same numbers to pop up with Pujols.

After just 10 years Pujols is already a lock for the Hall of Fame. His numbers after 10 years are comparable with greats like Mantle, Ruth, Williams and for the most part better. He is 2nd in Cardinals’ franchise history in  Homeruns (445) and RBI’s (1,329) only to former Cardinals legend ‘Stan the Man’ Musial. Two records he will absolutely anailate if given the opportunity to stay in St. Louis.

Stan Musial

If he doesn’t stay in St. Louis it’s difficult to say where he will go. Both the Yankees and Red Sox are likely out of the bidding considering their commitments to other all-star first baseman. Keeping that in mind the most likely candidates to make a push are the Dodgers, Cubs and Angels. All teams with the money to make a commitment for a contract of Pujols stature and the space on their roster to make a move.

However in the end I do believe that Pujols will stay in St. Louis, giving the Cardinals a home town discount. The idea of Pujols in any other uniform is absurd. The Cardinals can’t afford to lose the man that’s been the face of their franchise for the past 10 years as well as possibly the greatest player to have ever dawned a baseball uniform let alone a cardinals uniform .


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