Holidays…”Oh Boy!”

4 Nov

Ah Halloween what a great day of the year. As a kid you adore the festivities that come with it. It’s one of those few days each year when you’re parents give you a free pass to eat candy to your most glutinous desires. The one day of the year were it is acceptable for people to prance around as fictional or non fictional characters, quite literally begging their neighbors for little non-nutritious morsels of food. Ah yes it’s Halloween again or so it was.

No today the calendar has switched on us. Today is November. As a kid to me that meant one thing. Holiday season is upon us. In three weeks. Thanks Giving. In seven weeks. Christmas. I guess its time for me to start planning my list I would think, even though at the same time I would never actually make that list, believing as any honest kid would that Santa would know exactly what to get me. Sorry Mom.

Yes the glorious holiday season is upon us again. Such a happy time of the year. For those who are especially festive nothing beats it but for some it is a weary reminder of what they don’t have.

I am not trying to be the Grinch or Scrooge or anything like that but its easy to feel some contempt towards a series of holiday’s that in many social circumstances forces people to spend money they don’t necessarily have. I am all for giving gifts, but isn’t there so many better ways we can show our love for someone close to us that doesn’t involve materialistic items. Is it Un-American for us not to spend globs of money on each other?

I for one know this has been a hard year on my wallet. For that matter I imagine that it’s been a hard year for most Americans, considering everything that’s been going on with Wall Street.

That being said the holiday season is about so much more than materialistic reciprocation. It’s about helping others who are down on their luck. It’s about making someone a nice meal. it’s about cherishing each others company.

It’s the little things that make the holidays great.

So this year when the holidays come around please reconsider what they mean to you.


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