4 Nov

Some films just don’t get their fair due at the box office. Director Gavin O’Connor’s Warrior is one of those films. It’s quite possibly my favorite sports film of all-time and yet most people don’t even know the film exists. The film which came out earlier this year (Sept 9, 2011) has received mostly positive praise. Unfortunately positive praise doesn’t guarantee you financial success in the movie business.

Oddly though Warrior is the type of film that feels like it should have had  much greater financial success. It’s an MMA (mixed martial arts) film that follows the mostly tomultous relationships between Tommy Riordan (Tom Hardy), Brendan Conlon (Joel Edgerton) and their father Paddy (Nick Nolte).

What we learn is that Paddy was an alcoholic in his early life. He left Tommy and Brendan at a young age despite their mother being ill. Tommy the youngest of the two brother’s was then alienated by his brother when he left Tommy to marry his girlfriend Tess (Jennifer Morrison).

As the movie progresses we learn for various reasons Tommy and Brendan need money. Both of them decide to turn to their roots in hand to hand competitive combat. Tommy who use to be a Greco-Roman wrestler decides to get into MMA fighting with the help of his father training him. Brendan who once was a professional MMA fighter although never considered great decides to enter the Super Bowl of MMA events SPARTA which has a cash prize of 5 million dollars. Tommy Also decides to join the event although the brothers are unaware that the other has entered.

The rest of the film follows the emotional journey of both to attain the top prize at SPARTA. Its a goal that from the outset seems improbable for both to achieve but is what makes Warrior such a captivating film.

Rating: 8.5/10


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