Beyond the Lense with Hunter Lawrence

7 Nov

Hunter Lawrence in Nature. (photo by Steven Bush)

Austin, Texas is flowing with a plethora of up and coming photographers. Hunter Lawrence is one of them.

Growing up in the small suburb of Houston Tomball  his father instilled upon him the idea of being out in nature. “My dad and I use to go hunting all the time, it was a bonding experience and so I became a big nature guy. Still to this day I like to go out to the green belt and Pedernales falls and just hike, bike, go rock climbing and take pictures. It’s how I enjoy life. Being outside.” His love for nature is perhaps one of the key attributable factors to how he got into photography.

Photo By Hunter Lawrence

However his epiphany that he wanted to be a photographer came when he heard a sermon  from the book of genesis. The story made a point that stood out in Lawrence’s mind. We are all made in God’s image and so history can be seen in everybody thus we all have a story to tell. This idea drives the way Lawrence approaches his photography, aiming to tell a story with each picture. As he puts it “Story telling is something that we all have to do.”

Looking over Lawrence’s body of work its safe to say he has a special gift.  Given even the simplest life forms he can transform their essence into a euphoric state.

As a traveler of the world Lawrence has had the opportunity to tell many stories of varying perspectives across a wide range of cultures and lifestyles.  In his many stops wherever he goes whether it be Canada, Morocco, Mexico, the United States or just his own home in Austin, he always brings his camera to capture life.

On one such trip to Honduras he did some photography for Heart For Children. An organization which focuses on building a safe haven for male street orphans. “I would photograph the kids so that their sponsors could put a face to the child they were sponsoring.

This type of work fits into Lawrence’s plans to work following the path of Jesus Christ. Simply put Lawrence plans to use his God given talent to help others.

Down the road Lawrence hopes to find himself in Morocco helping to provide better resources to a county lacking in film technology. “I would love to take my gift that I feel like I’ve been given of storytelling and use it to encourage a generation there (Morocco) and offer them quality videos and quality covers for their albums and designs.

How exactly does he plan to do this?

Lawrence wants to open a coffee shop. One that would be a hub for artists to gather in Morocco. “The coffee shop would be a place of gathering. A place where artists can come and get quality videos done with software that’s up to date. As well as EP covers and album covers as just a way to encourage people to use art to express themselves. That’s my dream.”

Hunter Lawrence is a Senior at St. Edwards University. His website is


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