A random thought about jackets and winter.

11 Nov

Austin is known for being a mild climate city. That being said yesterday when I walked outside in the morning to go to school, it felt kind of chilly. Naturally I grabbed a jacket and put it in my car thinking I would definitely need it.

This was the exact jacket.

When I arrived at school I put my jacket on and started walking to class. After about 15 ft I had the realization that even though it was quite chilly, it wasn’t cold enough to wear a jacket. I returned to my car and left the jacket.

My reasoning…

Well, If I start wearing jackets when it’s not really really cold, then I risk the possibility of inadequately preparing myself for when it’s actually winter (which still really won’t be that much worse).  I think if I wait I will feel warmer come that time.

It’s a mental trick but I think its gonna work.

Yup. That’s how I am beating winter 2011-2012.


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