MLB question of the day.

11 Nov

Continuing on my posts of the top 5 baseball questions of the offseason, lets take a look at another curious topic relating to the Cardinals. Having  just won their 11th championship, the franchise is facing one of it’s most diverse offseasons due to the impending free agency of their franchise icon Albert Pujols and recent retirement of their long time managing great Tony Larussa. That being said the next pressing baseball question is.

2) Who will be managing the Cardinals in 2012?

When it comes to free agency there is a little more basis for determining where a player will end up. However when it comes to determining who a team will choose as their next manager things become a mystery.

If I had to guess though the team will look for outside managers instead of relying on personnel within. Keeping that in mind here are my top 3 candidates most likely to succeed the great Larussa in St. Louis.

Terry Francona

1) Terry Francona–  Well this one just seems like an obvious fit. The Cardinals have big shoes to fill and if there is one person who could do that on the managing market it would be Francona. Having just quit the Red Sox after the end of the season debacle and collapse that Boston had, Francona is looking for a fresh start. St. Louis is not nearly the high paced  market that Boston is so it would be a nice change of pace for Francona. Francona in his tenure with the Sox lead them to two World Series Titles. That being said he has the experience to take over for someone like Larussa and not be fazed. The Cardinals have the resources to be competitive. The two are a match. Get it done St. Louis.

Mike Maddux consoles his pitcher

2) Mike Maddux– As far as coaches that are climbing the ladder to become the next great manager in baseball. I would say Mixe Maddux is at the top of the list. The guy has lead a Texas Rangers staff that was abominable before the last few years and turned them into a World Series caliber staff. That being said, he is already interviewing for the Cubs, so the Cardinals days may be numbered if they seriously want to hire this guy.


3) Dave Martinez– He is the little known bench coach for the Tampa Rays. Obviously

Dave Martinez

though he has shown that he can take a team with a minimal pay roll and help lead it to the playoffs under the managerial expertise of Joe Maddon. He is young but that’s what would make him so intriguing.

It’s hard to say what will happen but in the end I think the Cardinals select Francona, because of his experience in a high pressure market.


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