11 Nov

If you haven’t already seen the film Wall-E, well than you probably should. The film which came out in 2008 is yet another brilliant imagining from the folks at Pixar studio.

That being said this film serves as more than just entertainment. It is a critique on negative aspects of society.  Done in the most pleasant way.

If you haven’t seen the film it follows the love story between Wall-E a Waste Allocation Load Lifter-Earth Class who is on Earth to help clean it and restore livable conditions on earth and Eva a droid sent to scourge the earth for signs of life. Through Wall-E’s perspective we see just how destructive the human race can be. Trash piled sky high, abandon streets, empty buildings and most of all no signs of life anywhere.  This concept of the Earth being uninhabitable sometime in the not so distant future is what is most troubling.

This idea is a direct correlation to our notion of global warming changing the world’s climate for the worse.

The story also touches on civilizations problems with obesity which is a major issue especially in the United States along with globalization and overall complacency.

We see these concepts play out on the Axiom which is a space vessel, that imitates planet life conditions. However the home is far from ideal, as people have become so technologically in tune that they forget what its like to live. This leads to Obesity and many other problems.

Director Andrew Stanton Claims that the film was not made to intentional have a deep underlying political message but as he continued in the writing process he realized that’s what it became.


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