Misfits: Season 1

13 Nov

Where the American television show Heroes failed Misfits succeeds. The British television show now in it’s 3rd season has caught the attention of many in the UK with its excellent writing, brilliant character development, interesting plots and stellar acting.

The show is more than watchable on just the strength of it’s interesting characters and how they develop each character so well. This is one of the things that really sets this show apart from Heroes.

Misfits follows the story of 5 young adults who are serving community service for minor crimes they have each committed in the recent past. On their first day of community service a freak storm encompasses their town. Large balls of hail fall from the sky as electric bolts litter the sky. Unable to find safe shelter, a massive lighting bolt strikes them all. Luckily they all survive the shock, but they slowly realize that they have survived at a cost. They have each been altered in some way. Each has gained a personal power.

The first season covers a lot of the growing pains the misfits have trying to figure out how to best utilize their powers and from what I can tell they haven’t fully mastered it by the end of the first season.

The 5 main characters are not the only one’s who have been mutated to have special abilities. There seems to be numerous incidents in which people have been changed in the city. This makes the story more mysterious, as throughout the whole first season you’re left wondering what happened during that storm.

Although I have not completely finished the first season(I am one episode from completion) I feel that its going to be an excellent show. The show has thus far intrigued it’s audience with crafty story telling and witty humor and I imagine it will continue to do so in

the seasons to come. Season 1 rating: 9/10

Season 1 rating: 9/10


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