Top 5 most anticipated films still to come in 2011

13 Nov

We are heading into the period of the year when a lot of great films come out in the theater. This year will be no different as a plethora of fantastic films are on tap. I present my top 5 most anticipated films of the rest of 2011.

1) The Adventures of Tin Tin– It’s Spielberg’s first film since the dissapointing Indiana Jones sequel and his first completely animated film. The Adventures of Tin Tin seems unlikely to dissapoint as it has already received plenty of praise over seas and most any Spielberg film is at least worth watching and may just be one of the most entertaining films in years.

2) The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo– There aren’t many directors I get really excited for every time they release a film but David Fincher is definitiely one of those directors that I do. With an impressive repretoire in his past, this most recent rendetion of A girl with a dragon tattoo looks to dazzle.

3) Hugo–  Martin Scorcese does a kids film. That is all.

4) Warhorse- This will be Spielberg’s 2nd film in a span of 5 days. This is his film that is likely to make a lot of movement in the Oscar field as opposed to the pure entertainment purposes of The Adventure of Tin Tin. Either way both films should be great. Warhorse  follows WWI from the perspective of a horse.

5) A Dangerous Method- David Cronenberg returns with a film about the intense relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. Should be fun.


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