Kershaw and Verlander Unanimous Winners.

17 Nov

Although the dust has yet to settle. I do imagine by the end of today both Clayton Kershaw and Justin Verlander will have both won Unanimous Cy Youngs in their respective leagues.

Justin Verlander already won the American League award yesterday and so now it only comes down to the National League’s version of the award.

Justin Verlander

However ask any expert and this years award is a no-brainer.

Clayton Kershaw all the way.

Winning the pitching triple crown practically entitles you to the award.

The pitching triple crown if you are unfamiliar means that you lead the league in pitching for all three major statistical categories.

Wins, ERA, Strike Outs.

It is difficult to do and suggests that you were flat out the best for that year. Period.

The last triple crown winner in the NL prior to Kershaw was Jake Peavy in 2007.

Clayton Kershaw

Oh and remember how I said that Verlander already won the Cy Young for the American League yesterday. Well he also won the triple crown as well.

What does that mean?

Verlander and Kershaw are the first pitchers to win the triple crown in their respective league in the same year since 1924 when Dazzy Vance (NL) and Walter Johnson (AL) did it themselves.  In baseball history this marks only the 5th time that this has occured. This year we witnessed a pitching spectacle unseen in nearly 100 years.

We must be heading back into a pitching era for baseball.

Is the Steroid era officially over?

I think so.


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