Daniel Day Lewis and Method Acting

5 Dec

Photo courtesy of Michael Phillips

Photos of Daniel Day Lewis(above) were released today of him featuring an Abraham Lincoln beard.  Its what makes Day-Lewis so mesmerizing as an actor.

If none of what I am saying makes sense, let me explain.

Next year Steven Spielberg’s next film ‘Lincoln’ is due out. As you may have surmised Day-Lewis is going to play Lincoln.

So, why is Day-Lewis in character off set?

Day-Lewis implements an acting method known as Method acting. The method involves the actor literally immersing themselves in the characters mind set, drawing off their own experience to create real emotions. The method also involves the actor continously remaining in character even off screen.

Lee Strasberg

The method was created by Constantin Stanislavski and taught frequently by Lee Strausburg at his actors studio.

Day Lewis has used the method for all his films and it has proven effective. His portrayal of oil tycoon Daniel Plainview in ‘There Will Be Blood’ earned him a best actor award in 2007 which was his second . The first came from his portrayal of 1989 film ‘My Left Foot’, in which he played an irishman with cerebral palsy.

With Lincoln I predict Lewis will win his 3rd best acting award.


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