Exercise induced cramps…I have a solution.

5 Dec

Pickle Juice

Have you ever been on a good run or in the middle of an intense game of basketball only to suddenly be derailed  by an intense cramping sensation on the sides of your stomach.

Or maybe your hamstrings just randomly started to feel like they were ripping apart or your quads were about to pop.

Well these things are sometimes associated with cramping, which as a runner I have experienced many times and even though I am used to them. It doesn’t mean I like them.

However I have really good news.

Recently I found a solution to stomach cramps in the most unlikely source…

Pickle Juice.

Yes, that’s right pickle juice will relieve and actually prevent cramping occuring from physical exertion.  This sounds weird, but its true. In fact its something that’s catching on with professional athletes.

The concept of Pickle Juice sports drinks are now beginning to permeate the market. It’s quite possible that one of our favorite condiments could soon be, the next big sports drink.

Vat of pickles

So good to your local store and buy a huge vat of pickles. Invite a bunch of friends over and have a sandwich party. Then when your all done with the pickles and your party, hold on to the juice and look you have a years worth of pickle juice for all your physical needs.

Now you just have to get off the couch and so something physical.



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