7 Dec

Via Austin Statesman

The recent string of rainy days has  been a nice change from Austin’s seemingly perpetual sunshine.  It almost feels as if Austin is coming out of that dreadful drought but I am wiser than to truly think this.

In my opinion these rainy days are only an illusion, but I hope I am wrong.

Regardless everything in town feels alive again. Things are greening, I have grass in my backyard and the cat that lives in my house suddenly doesn’t seem as thirsty as before.

I love the rain, always have. Perhaps its because I grew up in the desert and savored the few times a year we would get any substantial rain. It was always great when it rained in the desert because rain smells better there than anywhere. This I am almost sure of, though I have no real proof to back this claim.

The great smell is a result of the wonderful smelling desert plants getting wet.

Anyways I hope it keeps raining in Austin and all of Texas, because we definitely need it.


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