Bobby V to Sox

9 Dec

Bobby Valentine

Today the Red Sox announced the signing of Bobby Valentine as Terry Francona’s successor at the managerial helm as a team going through a off season filled with turmoil looks for a new leader.

This is a very good choice for the Sox. Valentine has vast amounts of experience. He is a hard headed manager, which will be good coming off the debacle that was the Red Soxs 2011 season.

Valentine also has experience being in the Yankees rivalry, having managed the NY Mets from 1996-2002. The Red Sox are of course even bigger rivals to the Yankees, so now the intensity will be taken to another level.

What Francona lacked as a manager was the ability to hold players accountible for their actions. This is something that Valentine will not be shy about and may often criticize his players in public. This will ensure that the club house horsing around (several players were reported drinking and playing video games in the clubhouse during games) that went on last season will not happen.

There aren’t many managers on the market that would have been a better fit than Bobby Valentine for Boston. Expect the Sox to have a dramatic turn around next year.


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