9 Dec

Modern Warfare 3 is exactly what you expect it to be. More of the same.

For fans of the wildly popular best selling entertainment franchise of all-time that’s perfectly okay. When it comes down to it, what FPS gamers really want is just something that feels new, even if the concept is the same.

I can hardly tell the difference between MW2 and MW3.

There is one interesting new game type that was added to match options. It’s called dog tags.

The objective of the game is to kill your enemies and then collect the opponents dog tag. Doing this will reward your team with a single point. This adds to the comraderie of the game, something that is often missing from the prototypical first person shooter but seems like an obvious next step to improve the enjoyment of the genre.

Modern Warfare 3’s campaign is typically blase. Those expectations were met. It’s obvious playing it, that the game’s developers were more concerned about the mulitplayer mode than the campaign itself, which has become a common thread in FPS.

So…if you like Modern Warfare 2, then you’re most definitely going to like Modern Warfare 3. Just don’t expect much to be different.


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