NBA to play oh yay…

9 Dec

After 149 days the NBA lockout is finally over. Oh yay! Kind of. to be honest I am kind of upset.
I like basketball. I like basketball a lot but I don’t sympathize with the players who feel that they are underpaid.

Really? Underpaid.

Consider this on a good day I make 20 dollars.  The lowest paid player in the NBA makes $1,297.54 a day. I am sorry Mr. NBA bench warmer, but I do not in the least bit feel sorry for you.

Now that games are set to resume, for a shortened 66 game season, I think the players must ask themselves. Will it be worth it in the end?

If I am upset about the lockout, then my assumption is that there are multiple other humans on this earth equally upset. Sure I will get over it eventually but I think this will do a lot of damage to the leagues popularity for the moment.

Sad…considering it was really on a rapid rise.

But hey they got their money and really when it comes down to it, what else could they want.


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