Pujols Says Goodbye St. Louis. Hello LA.

9 Dec

In what I considered to be an unlikely turn of events the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have swept in and grabbed the biggest free agent fish of the 2011-12 market.

Albert Pujols and his powerful bat will now be nestled comfortably into the third spot of Manager Mike Sosica’s daily lineup card and it only cost them 254 million dollars. This makes Pujols the 2nd highest payed baseball player ever (only Alex Rodriguez 275 million dollar contract is more) and the highest paid first baseman of all-time.

For the past several days it appeared that the Marlins or Cardinals would land the coveted first baseman, but out of no where the sleeping giant that is the Angels took the prize.

It’s a good move for the Angels because it assures them, that they will be a World Series contender next year and into the forseeable future. My only worry is the length of the contract that Pujols received, which is 10-years.

Pujols is already 32 and in baseball years that means your approaching a mid-life baseball crisis. Around  36-37 baseball players begin to decline. When Pujols contract is set to expire in 2022 he will be 42 and considering Pujols is coming off his worse season in his 11 years in the Major Leagues, I think there may be reason to be concerned.

However despite the fact that Pujols numbers were down in 2011 he still maintained a productive level that would rank him among the elite players in baseball, compiling a batting average of .299, 37 HR and 99 RBI’s. While leading the Cardinals to their 2nd World Championship in his career there. You can’t argue with that and for the record, last year Pujols was battling serious arm injuries which may have caused his productivity to suffer.

This brings me to my next concern. Pujols has suffered a few injuries the past couple years. Nothing seriously enough to derail him from playing but enough to make me wonder if he can hold up for a 10 year contract as his body begins to slowly deteriorate.

In my humble opinion Pujols has 6 really great years left in him. That means the Angels will likely suffer for four of those years.

However in the end the Angels know that this is a good move for them. With the recent ownership changes going on with their cross town rival the  Dodgers. The Angels have the chance to take hold of the huge LA market. Pujols is the type of player that will definitely sway some fans to their camp.



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