Brita Pitcher Reviewed…With a Twist.

10 Dec

CLEO in her bag house.

My roommate’s cat Cleo has a problem. It’s not that she lives in a bag, but rather that she is addicted to drinking water out of people’s cups.

Ordinarily a cute cat drinking out of a cup of water is just funny, but after 6,7 or 8 times the joke starts to get old. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve been forced to spit out feline her after taking a healthy gulp of water from my filtered water.

Cleo being a jerk.


This being said, drinking out of the same cup as a cat is just kind of weird and to be honest I wish it would end.

However after 10 years of living, I assume that Cleo is pretty set in her ways.

Since Cleo became an addict, we have seen a dramatic shift in the water bill.  Leading me to believe that we should try to charge this cat for utilites some how, but how do you convince a cat to pay her fair share of the bills?

Well more than likely as four roommates living with a fiendish cat, we will just have to accept that if we want water, we might as well pour a second glass for Cleo and save the trouble of having to get up after she steals are water. After all she is “family”

I sometimes wonder why she does it. I mean she has a perfectly good bowl of water right next to her food in the laundry room. Is it because she’s lazy and doesn’t want to traverse an extra 10 feet to her water bowl. It’s possible. She is a feline after all and if there is one trait more common to cats than apparently drinking out of peoples cups it their laziness.


My theory than is that this cat’s taste pallete has become over developed. The water that she drinks is unfiltered. Ours is filtered. I think she can taste the difference.

How can you refuse a cat that just wants good tasting water?

That being said the Brita Pitcher seems to be worth the price. I mean even cats like it.

Rating:6/10– typically I would have given this water pitcher a better score but how can you favor a product that has literally raised your water bill and made your cat an addict. You can’t, I don’t think.


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