Misfits: Season 2

10 Dec

Several weeks ago I wrote a review for the first season of the popular british television show Misfits. I gave the show a highly favorable review. With season two the quality of entertainment picks up another notch. Each episode features a new strange super villan that the misfits must overcome.

However the Misfits are also being followed by a strange and mysterious masked vigilante who aids them against the various villans in season two. A good majority of the 2nd season covers the misfits trying to figure out who this masked person is.

The show maintains a level of freshness and witty humor, with each episode that doesn’t often come along in television shows these days. I highly recommend this show to anyone.

Some bad news to report about Misfits. The second season will be the last for my favorite character in the show Nathan, who is played by Robert Sheehlan. Sheelan reportedly decided he wanted to step away from the character and do other things with his career. In my humble opinion this is an idiotic decision on his part and reflects poorly on him. The worst part is I felt his character was the backbone of this show, without him the show doesn’t feel right. Hopefully this will not keep you from watching the first two seasons of this show.

Robert Sheelan will not be returning for a 3rd season of Misfits.

Season 3 should be very interesting…I will keep you updated.


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