Professional Sports team

10 Dec

I recently read a blog by Austin Statesman journalist John Kelso, suggesting that it’s time Austin got a major professional sport team.

Yes we have minor league baseball, semi-pro basketball, minor league hockey and of course a renowned college sports program in the University of Texas.

Considering this, it’s easy to understand why Austin doesn’t have a Major professional sports team (NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA).

Austin prides itself on its small town feel. One of the concerns that comes with a Pro sports team is that it brings immediate ramifications that are usually associated with large cities.

Increased traffic, higher crime, increased population, over urbanism.

These are all legitimate concerns, but they are all things that Austin is already dealing with as city going through massive growing pains.

It’s apparent in the massive highway makeovers going on at the I-35 and 290 corridors along with the loop 1 and 290 corridor.

Austin is rapidly changing. There is nothing anyone can do to stop that.

We have two of the biggest music festivals in the world in SXSW and ACL and a third that’s quickly rising on the national spotlight in Fun Fun Fest. Austin clearly deals well with high volumes of people.

Factor in that until recently Austin was locked into have the F1 grand prix for the next 10 years and it’s becoming more and more evident that Austin is a booming city.

Consider this Austin has in the last 20 years grown from the nations 25th biggest city in the country to the 14th largest. That makes Austin the biggest city in the country without a pro team. In another 20 years it’s not inconceivable to think that Austin will be one of the ten biggest cities in this country. By that time I guarantee we will have a pro sports team.

Its time to accept as Kelso put it that we are a big city.

I just hope we get a baseball team.


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