Review: The Descendants

10 Dec

The Descendants is a movie to be reckoned with at this years Academy Awards. George Clooney deserves an Oscar nomination for best actor for his performance.

The film follows a wealthy lawyer Matt King (Clooney) who is the sole trustee of a 25,000 acres of untouched land, which has been passed down from his ancestors. A joint decision between Matt and the rest of his family has lead them to decide to sell the land to Don Hollitzer who want to the develop the land into a resort.

Before the deal can go through Matt’s wife is in a serious boating accident and is left comatose. The doctor informs Matt that she will soon die.

King gets his daughter from school to inform her that her mother is going to die, when he does his daughter Alex informs her dad that    Elizabeth. Matt’s wife has been having an affair. The rest of the film follows King and his family seeking out the man who had an affair with King’s wife.

It’s a great film that is somewhat depressingly joyful but worth the time and money.

Rating: 8/10


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