Wooden Heart

10 Dec

Dan Smith and Christin Nelson of Listener

My friend introduced me to this band Listener the other day and I think I am hooked.  Listener is the spoken word project of Dan Smith, a type of music he refers to “Talk Music”. This is because the words are not sung but rather just spoken.

Smith basically just talks over music as if he as at a poetry reading and there just happens to be music playing in the background that perfectly matches his voice. His bizarre voice, which I can only compare to Modest Mouse lead singer Issac Brock  is truly awesome. It has a very grungy feel to it.

He and his band mate Christin Nelson have been touring almost non stop for the past decade, building good momentum as they go. They were actually in Austin last night, but I missed it. Sad.

Listen to one of my favorite tracks below-Wooden Heart.


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