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11 Dec

More Reflective Crops May Have Cooling Effect

I read this article in the New York TImes the other day. It has very interesting take on solving global climate change. Part of our daily entertainment involves going outside and enjoying the weather and if it gets to the point where its always unbearable outside, then we will all become sad and depressed. Here is summary of the article. 


Solutions to the on going problem of global climate changes are prevalent, but a feasible means to accomplish such solutions are far less attainable. These solutions involve global scale geoengineering projects such as building a massive sunshade in space or seeding space with sulfate particles. These options would involve the coroperation of several countries, which would likely be challenging to accomplish.

Fortunately Andy Ridgwell and his colleagues at the University of Bristol in England feel they have a feasible solution that would not cost a fortune nor would it be disputed. Instead of creating an infrastructure to help cool the planet, they propose using agriculture.

According to their research planting crop varieties that reflect more light could result in summertime cooling of about 2 degrees. This is a very significant decrease overall.

Dr. Ridgwell realizes that this will not solve the whole climate crisis but he feels that it is a cheap and effective way to combat certain aspects of the problem.


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