Mozart’s Sister

11 Dec

To be honest I didn’t know Mozart had a sister until I saw the trailer to ‘Mozart’s Sister’. I guess this is no surprise, because from the looks of it she was always in the shadow of her brother Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Apparently though she was perhaps just as talented as her brother and wanted to compose just as he did. The only problem is that during that time women were not accepted in that role. She was to get married like all girls her age.

I want to see ‘Mozarts Sister’  to learn about another Mozart that never had the chance to be a part of our classical music history because of her sex.


One Response to “Mozart’s Sister”

  1. Music Box Films December 17, 2011 at 6:12 pm #

    It is a very eye opening movie, indeed. May be playing in a theater near you… check out the schedule: Cheers 🙂

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