The Future of the Internet

13 Dec

The future of the Internet is such a curious thing. Just look how far we have come in only the past decade. The speed of the internet and it’s vast capabilities continue to flourish in ways we never imagined.  The Iphone is just the latest example of what the internet has become, a literal portable device that connects you to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

I see the smart phone as the next leap frog into the new generation of computers and internet access. As strange as it may sound the Iphone 10 years from now will seem primitive. Instead of a small computer you carry around in your pocket, most people will wear a device that literal turns your world into the internet, in theory creating an augmented reality for the user that will once again change the way we live.

Imagine your at the grocery store shopping for toilet paper, but you can’t decide which will be the softest and most appropriate for your needs. Right then your augmented reality kicks in and you are instantly seeing projected images with reviews and prices for the quality so that you can compare which is best without even typing anything.

That is the basic concept right there, no longer will you spend time searching for information on the internet but rather the internet will automatically do the searching for you and all you’ll have left to do is make a choice.

This type of technology will literally change society once again as a shift from world wide marketing to personal marketing will be born. If you’ve ever seen the movie Minority Report you’ll understand the concept I am imagining. It’s a world where advertising is made specifically to match the desires and interests of the person connected to the web. We are already seeing this come to fruition in the form of social networking.

This is how I see the Internet 10 years from now, but I expect that I will be taken by surprise once again when things I never expected become popular and prevalent in the year 2020. It is an exciting prospect that I am looking forward to greatly.


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