Arcade Fire-Sprawl two music video

16 Dec

The Arcade Fire have put their collective genius together once again, to create yet another awe inspiring-interactive music video.  Their latest video from their must recent album The Suburbs, features the hit track Sprawl II: Mountains Beyond Mountains.

The track is their most impressive piece from their Grammy winning album. The video features co-front woman Regine Chassagne dancing along to the song as she always does during live performance, while walking around an unfamiliar town. Various cuts of other groups of people dancing with weird face paint is intercut with Chassagne’s joyful dancing.

Regine Chassagne

This is the third music video the Arcade Fire has made interactive. Their first two were Neon Bible and We Used to Wait. Which are also very entertaining.

Sprawl II uses your computer’s web cam to capture your movements dancing, which in turn either increases or decreases the frame rate of the music video. It’s worth trying at least once.

However if your not into dancing in front of your computer. There is also a traditional non-interactive video as well. I will post the traditional one for your viewing pleasure. If you want to to try the interactive one just go here.


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