22 Jan

You want to see a good adaptation of a play turned onscreen film?  Go see Roman Polanski’s Carnage.

The film is entertaining for all 79 minutes, which is impressive considering the movie is just one continuous conversation. Most fascinating is how the setting remains constant throughout the film. The first line of dialogue starts in the apartment and the last line ends in the apartment. The scene never changes.

The film is essentially two couples effort to settle a dispute between their boys.

However things don’t go as planned. The couples end up bickering more than they do solving any issues, turning into children themselves in the process. As everything spirals out of control, the audience is held witness to the fact that adults can be just as childish, if not more childish than their kids sometimes.

The film is easily one of the best this year, but due to limited release it probably won’t get much love during the present award season.  Polanski  manages to be innovative in that he shows just how much can be done with excellent dialogue and great acting.

The film stars, John C. Rielly, Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet and Christoph Waltz in an unforgettable film.


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